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Post by Link on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:18 am

Objectivity in any argument is always important though if you want it to
hold up against others. The thing is, to have had such a strong
reaction to her in the first place, at its core there truly MUST have
been a legitimate issue that caused it for you; once you can pinpoint
exactly WHAT that source is, THAT'S when you have found your solid

There is a trap that I think many fans fall into without realizing, when it comes to things they are emotionally charged about.
The trap comes from this playout:

True Core Solid Argument -----(for what actually caused)-----> Emotional Reaction & Judgement
Emotional Reaction & Judgement -------(leads to trap)------> Tendency
to look for every possible little tidbit of info you can think of about
the subject matter that you can bend to support your argument for
justifying your emotional reaction

If you fall into that trap, then you run the risk of your argument sounding like complete and utter BS, despite the fact that your emotional reaction and judgement did have genuine backup buried somewhere deep within.
In a solid argument, you should not be bending reasons to fit your
argument, but rather FINDING the reasons that naturally LED to it. The
reasons should form the argument, not the argument that should be
driving you to form reasons---this is a really common trap though, and
it just tends to happen because people have the argument already formed
when they're trying to explain it to other people, and then they have to
work backwards trying to come up with the right reasons to explain
where that argument came from.
(::NOTE:: When I say "you," I'm not referring to you specifically, just any person in general =P)

To get to the solidity of your argument, you have to not get caught up
or distracted in finding anything to use that sounds relevant. You have
to focus yourself on digging out the real reason hidden at the core that
caused you to have the reaction you did, and then DRIVE it, NAIL it into the wall with bulls-eye clarity and precision.

My dislike of Hylia would cause me to fall into that trap too, where my
emotional reaction may want me to have the tendency to point out
anything that makes her look bad. However if I wanted to argue correctly
about why I dislike her to other people to help them understand my
perspective, I would need to avoid that trap because thinking of just
anything unlikeable about her really has nothing to do with my argument,
because those points wouldn't be part of the true reason of what
actually ticked me off. For example, if I were to try to say something
like "Hylia isn't even strong!" as part of my reasoning to other people,
it would be an extremely irrelevant point for me to make (although we
bantered lightly earlier =P), since it essentially has nothing to do
with the genuine reasoning from which my argument had actually been
founded. In other words, it would come off as a BS
argument when placed on battlegrounds, which is why in finding the
solidity of your argument, you have to be certain you are filtering all
of those kinds of trivial irrelevancies out.

So after having had many months to dissect my reaction to Hylia, I can
really strip away those irrelevancies and pinpoint for you without
question the one seriously legitimate reason that caused the eruption of
my anger at her. At its core, it really comes down to the fact that I
absolutely, absolutely, indefinitely cannot STAND the notion that she
would have had the power to manipulate or gain any control over the Hero's Spirit.
I understand that it's because I may have a sensitivity to the Hero's
Spirit that I think many people may not, but I have always viewed it as a
sacred soul beyond the reaches of anyone's power ("HERO" to me by
definition refers to someone with a (in the exact words of my
Contemporary Art teacher a while back--) "Triumph of the Will," a
spirit that soars beyond the reaches of any force and which cannot be
taken control of,) and so essentially Skyward Sword with Hylia took my
venerable and long respected and cared for view on the Hero's Spirit
(which is very important to me) and TORE IT TO SHREDS BEFORE MY VERY
EYES. I felt backstabbed and I resent her for it.

It is actually essentially the exact, EXACT same reason I hated the 3rd
timeline split---defeat of the "Hero's Spirit" is OUTRAGEOUS to me. In
exactly the same way, the thought that Hylia could marionette the
"Hero's Spirit" I find outrageous to the very same FIRST degree, because
to me that is exactly the same offense---defeat of the "Hero's Spirit" through the subjugation of his will.

It doesn't mean people can't still solidly disagree with me of course,
but this is the genuine true core of reasoning for my reaction.


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Re: Objectivity

Post by Roxas on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:56 pm


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