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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Interview

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Interview

Post by Link on Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:16 pm

Here's some more news and an interview with Nomura at the source. But, I'll grab some quick stuff that relates to the HD ReMIX fad that Nomura has going.

―Please tell us the details of how the release of KH -HD 1.5 ReMIX- came to be.

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura (hereon Nomura): All the titles in the series so far are a collection, first establishing the internal set-up, called the 'Seeker of Darkness Chronicles' (※), and I wanted to bring together the whole story arriving at KH2 before we turn to its conclusion.
This is basically confirmation that Nomura is trying to get all KH games onto one system to the best of his ability before KH3. Call it what you like, I personally see this as two things: a) a moneysink for us customers and b) a good thing for newcomers to get their KH lore up to speed. That Chronicles feature in KH3D wasn't enough imo, I would rather experience the games.

―There's strong meaning behind going over it again, isn't there. Will there be changes or additions to the content of the games?

Nomura: The two titles that are included as games will have trophy support. We intend to include an extensive range of trophies, from the more orthodox to ones that won't go down easily. Also, the controls in KH1 have been modified to be a little closer to the ones in KH2. We've also replaced some of the models of the main characters with the most recent ones.
Firstly, trophy support for Re:CoM and KH1? That's a great thing. Achieving the Ultima Weapon will surely be an achievement for me; I never once obtained it in KH1. Farming materials was hard as hell! Oh...wait, what does that bolded stuff say? Controls being modified to be closer to KH2? Main character models being replaced with recent ones? Oh damn, Sora might have KH2 eyes which means, you guessed it, a possible English release! (Because if KH1 Sora had KH1 eyes, people would expect the voice acting to be the same but Osment went all puberty on us)

―Why are you remaking KH 358/2 Days as a video volume rather than a game?

Nomura: Actually, I had also been thinking about doing a full remake like KH Re:Chain of Memories (hereon KH Re:CoM). However, if we had started that it would have considerably delayed starting work on the new title, so it ended up being included in the form of something like the 'theatre mode' that we already have in the series. We are changing 70% of the main story into cutscenes, with freshly-recorded voicing too, and we are currently working on around 100 scenes. If you watch from start to finish, you will know and understand the story of KH 358/2 Days. Though it's in a different form than the game I think people will enjoy it.

This bit is basically saying that the new game, meaning, KH3 or BBSV2, would be delayed if Days were fully remade. But damn, it'd be awesome to have HD models with a fixed battle system! XD I can't complain.

―By the way, what of a HD version of KH2 and up?

Nomura: It would be unnatural not to (laughs).
Essentially confirming that KH2 is getting an HD remix. Maybe even KH2FM if we're lucky. Oh, wait, does this mean Birth by Sleep Final Mix as well? HNNNNNNNG

―Here's hoping! And now, lastly, a message for the gamers please.

Nomura: Because the series so far has been scattered over different consoles, I think there have been people who found it difficult to access, with sequels such as KH2 that might already have come out by the time they came to know about the series. With KH -HD 1.5 ReMIX- you can enjoy the story from the beginning, and in HD quality on top of that, so if you haven't played yet please by all means use this opportunity to do so. I think even those who have already played through the series may make new discoveries regarding foreshadowing of sequels and lines that reference previous lines and such by taking another look at everything aligned in chronological order. I would be happy if this title turns out to be a 'restart' for the series.

I like this quote a lot. It talks about foreshadowing of sequels and lines that reference previous lines...this in particular reminds me of Another Side, Another Story -Deep Dive- with all the English quotes flying by. I recall one, "Who is Nobody?" or something like that. Roxas <3 But yeah.

Source: Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots! - News - Kingdom Hearts Insider


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