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Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

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Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Saria on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:26 pm

Lately, Zelda has made the field enemies so very easy to defeat. It sort
of makes sense, given that they're commonplace throughout the game
world, but when you have palette swaps of any one standard enemy (e.g
standard Bokoblin, Technoblin, the zombie variation in Cistern),
shouldn't they come along with tiers? Or perhaps, a variation in
ability? So what I've come to propose is a list of possible ways to
improve the typical encounter.

Method 1: Scale the Difficulty of Enemies to how far you are within your Quest
Here is the setup: Link has ran around Hyrule Field with several tiers
of a sword: Trainer Sword, Master Sword, Tempered Sword and Golden
Sword, beating the **** out of his enemies in the process. The main
villain of the game (or maybe even the stand-in for the main villain) is
obviously aware of Link, given that a) Link has roflstomped all threats
except for Level 8 and b) the enemy has sentries stationed at whatever
respective area.

If the villain is aware of Link's endeavors, and the villain obviously
wants to succeed in his own endeavors (or else he isn't much of a
villain, imo, or even a personality worth mentioning), why would the
villain not power up his sentries? I'm not saying the villain has to
win, although having Link canonically die along the way would be
freaking awesome. All I'm saying is, the villain shouldn't have his
stereotypical sentry guards who have previously been destroyed
effortlessly guarding yet another keep. I'll try to outline what I mean:

Say I have two sets of reconnaissance teams.Both of my teams consist of
soldiers from the the Goron Lands. Let's also say that one of my two
teams is quoteunquote Elite. If the standard team consists of standard
Gorons who are neither good nor bad at doing recon, would my Elite team
consist of standard Gorons who are neither good nor bad at doing recon
as well? Nope. They would have higher ranked Gorons.

Now, let's put this idea in. Would I have my Standard team do recon on
the enemy, or would they do more terrain like duties? What about my 1337
(leet/Elite) -- are they doing recon on the enemy or would they be
scouting the terrain? I think the answer to both questions are obvious.

Next, I have two teams of Goron soldiers who are more of the "defend
fortresses" type, you know, a team that consists of pure defense. One
again is 1337 and the other is standard. Would my 1337 group who I love
so darn much consist of the standardized defense or would they be more
skilled? Would I have my standard team defend home base, where I reside?
Or would I have them stationed elsewhere in a less important
fortress/keep? What about my leet group? Again, answer is obvious.

To wrap it all up: my enemy, an OMA (one man army) who incidentally is
named Link has taken out my standard set of recon and my standard set of
defense. He's about to encounter my leet recon for one reason or
another (let's just say he had speed buffs and they didn't; darn those
infernal Pegasus Boots). I expect for my recon to get roflstomped
because they're not equipped for fighting back (it's in their nature to
scout and get the word on the enemy, and they do very minimal if any
fighting). Link is advancing to the Final Fortress where I, my 1337
defense and the best of the best soldier set reside (I don't use this
set because they're so good). Okay, let's review what we have:

  • Link has decimated my standard recon and standard defense troops.
  • He's about to encounter my Elite recon.
  • Recon, elite or not, does not stand a chance against this one man army due to their nature.
  • Link is on the way to my final fortress.
  • Link obviously has a very buffed sword aka the Golden Sword.
  • My Defensive team could possibly fail.
  • My best soldier set could possibly be deployed
  • I have knowledge of all of this.

Okay, that took a bit. So anyway, Link is advancing on my position.
Would I not prep up my defensive team that may or may not fail, and
would I also not deploy my buffed Uber 1337 Hax0rz team just in case
that my Elite fail? The Uber team is a failsafe, essentially.

To put it all in ingame terms: the main villain be it Ghirahim,
Ganondorf, Princess Zelda or whoever, needs to have better enemies
whether it's via variety or simply just buffed versions of previously
encountered enemies with better AI. I shouldn't be running into the
final fight only to encounter some easy peasy enemies like the standard
Bokoblin, ESPECIALLY since I have a better sword and can destroy them in
one to two hits. That's ridiculous.

Method two: Variety
Okay, so let's say Link eventually destroyed me along with my
Uber/1337/Standard sets of soldiers. I can't blame them for what they've
done as they put up their effort and I stationed my troops in the best
possible manner: strong then stronger then strongest. Let's analyze what
my team consisted of:

the recon team had solely recon. That's fitting, as their only purpose
was to discover and recover; get info and bring it back to home base.
The defense team whose job it was to defend the fortress...holy crap.
They only had defense, no offense! It was like my team was
turtling and Link being an OMA is very versatile. Damn, looks like I'd
have to do some stuff to my team. Buffing it via better defense
obviously won't work -- Link roflstomped even my Uber team. So, what's
that word I'm looking for? Oh, that's right, Variety.

My recon teams could use a set of IMS (increased movement speed) Goron
troops to give them that extra speed boost -- my Elite was only caught
off guard because Link himself had speed buffs while my team didn't, and
my standard team could cover more ground if they could move faster.
Yup, yup. Check.

My defensive teams could use a bit of spikers (lots of damage in a short
amount of time, aka DPS) and healers as we already have a decent amount
of tanks. Remember that Link was only able to take out my defensive
teams because he himself could play spiker, tank, and so on since he's
an OMA; tanks can't inherently heal themselves for all that much health
gain, much less so their teammates (a tank's job is to simply hold aggro
and have as much defense as possible). So yeah, check.

But recon and defensive teams, defense team now a hybrid (I'll
call it Holy Trinity team), both still consist solely of Gorons. What
if I myself am trying to advance upon Link's territory and he is a
Hylian? Wouldn't having Hylian team members in my recon sets be better
than none at all, since they know the land well? The correct answer is
yes. Wouldn't having Hylian team members in my Holy Trinity sets be
better since they would know Link's fighting style? The correct answer
is yes. But wait, Link now has a partner named...hmm, King Zora. I,
being the tactical genius I am [I play Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, along with many FPS], would employ many races regardless of how many Link's army has -- it's all for the expertise.

To put it in ingame terms: the enemy shouldn't consist solely of friggin
Bokoblins. Not even Bokoblins along with the occasional Stalfos will
do. We need far more diversity among the field enemies and even the in
dungeon enemies. This is getting ridiculous.

So what do you personally think? Do my two methods seem effective? Do
you have any other methods you would propose? Or perhaps you think that
the field enemies should be left alone or perhaps even nerfed? Let me know below!

Link made this for me (thank you! I LOVE YOU!)

: )

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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by StarOcean3FanGirl on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:17 pm

In my opinion, Zelda Enemies, both fielded and locked behind dungeon entrances, should have a difficulty spike like that of Star Ocean Till the End of Time's Disc 2 content. You know, they should become immensely harder. Make you think more about tackling two of them without the proper equipment!

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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by FaytKHZ on Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:53 am

I'm with SO3FanGirl here, enemies should have a huge difficulty spike. Zelda games are a bit on the easy side, especially post Wind Waker titles. That needs to be rectified.

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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Roxas on Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:25 pm

The enemies need not be scaled; they just need to get freaking harder. More HP as time goes on. Boss enemies brosives.

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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by VentusXII on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:39 pm

Buff the enemies in every single way possible. New enemies, all enemies shall henceforth be Darknuts.
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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Link on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:07 am

Buff them. No more noob games. No more dumbing down Zelda for the casual people. Hardcore Zelda, the 3D equivalent to AoL, or go away.


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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Rebecca on Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:47 pm

I think the defensive AI of Skyward Sword needs to be dropped in favor of more offensive AI like that of Adventure of Link's Iron Knuckles. The striking a balance may not work effectively; a balance (i.e what Link has) just won't do for enemies whose purpose is to defeat and destroy Link.

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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by VanitasXII on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:00 am

A really nice way to fix the enemies is to remove their repetitive blocking. I love Skyward Sword, I think it's a great video game, but it truly sucks as a Zelda by general consensus. When you have a tenth of the fanbase complaining about the game, there is something wrong. When you have a fourth of the fanbase complaining about the game, there is something wrong. Fix it, Nintendo, by giving us more aggressive AI.
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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Alison on Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:18 pm

Status effects, anyone?



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Re: Zelda Enemies: Should they be buffed?

Post by Sponsored content

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