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GIMP - Golden Text Tutorial

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GIMP - Golden Text Tutorial

Post by Alison on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:52 pm

Part I

The trick is to use a good enviroment-map. I created it with
Filters -> Render -> Solid Noise

(X/Y-Size: 2.8, Detail: 1, Tileable). It is important for a good
effect to get different grays in the top right corner. Then I did a
Image -> Colors -> Auto-Stretch Contrast and a
Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (IIR) with a radius of 5 to get the full range of gray.
Then select the "Golden"-Gradient in
Dialogs -> Gradient Editor... and
Filters -> Colors -> Gradient Map it to the image.

The next step is to create a bumpmap for the text. Open a new
grayscale image in the desired size, fill it black and paint the white
text on it.
To get a smooth transition do a Gaussian Blur on it.

Then open a new RGB-Image with exactly the same size and start the
Lighting-Plugin. Select the "Enviroment-map"- and "Bumpmap"-Toggles
and select the images in the appropriate notebook-pages. I prefer a
lower value in the "Maximum height" Bumpmap option. I think 0.02 is good
in most cases.

This is the result after a click on Apply. There is room for
Improvements. Since the Lighting-Plugin doesn't support antialiasing yet
it is a good
idea to render the image in the double size and scale it down for the
final image. Some other neat tricks can be found in the next part.

Part II

At the Bumpmap-Options you can select different between four different Curves for Bumpmapping.
So you can select between a linear, spherical, logarithmic and a sinusoidial Bumpmap.

There is a much more flexible way to specify the surface of the Bumpmap. The Key is the
Image -> Colors -> Curves-Dialog.

Create the text and blur it with a wider radius. Then select the
Curves-Dialog and modify the text-profile. A little Blur (Radius 2)
makes the Bumpmap a little bit smoother. See the examples above.

Another possibility is the use of a different gradient.

Part III

To get Chrome-like effects try to use different environment-maps. Look at these examples.



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Re: GIMP - Golden Text Tutorial

Post by Link on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:59 pm

Nice tut, Alison, but it could use improvements. I'll erase that soonenough.


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