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[Resources] – Fire Emblem GBA series Easy Battle Palette Editing

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[Resources] – Fire Emblem GBA series Easy Battle Palette Editing

Post by VentusXII on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:59 am

Quick GBAGE Method (Click Here To Hide/Show Text)

Ok, What you want to do is open GBAGE.
After that open the Image control, Palette Control and Colour Control windows.
Then let's go to where the battle animations are located. (This changes from different FEs)
In FE7, I know that image number 1746 is Eliwood's animation frames. (All other classes can be found upward of 1746)
So it should look like this:

Whaaa what's with those colours?
We have to find his palette offset.
So let's open Nightmare and then open the FE7 Battle Palette Reference module. (I'm not sure if FE6 or FE8 have these)
Then we scroll through the list and find Eliwood's unpromoted palette offset.

Right we have that. So, ignoring the 0x8 copy everything afterword, which is FD9FAC, and copy it into GBAGE like so:
(Note: "Compressed ROMpalette" must be activated after pasting the offset in.)

Now he looks normal. You may notice in the colour control window there
are various palettes. That's for the game to use when that class is on
the other team, like in the Link Arena.
Using the Colour control window let's change a few things.
I decided to give him green hair, and purple clothes.

now for some reason the Colour Control window is a bit funny. Blue and
green swap a bit, so it can take some getting used to. I've also read
somewhere that if you don't change all the different palettes in the
different rows it won't work. (However I have yet to see that problem)

So after that, test it. If it didn't work, then you may have to change all his alternate palettes.

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Re: [Resources] – Fire Emblem GBA series Easy Battle Palette Editing

Post by Link on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:55 pm

Nice. FE hacking is boring and a waste of time. screw FE.


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