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List of HTML Tags

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List of HTML Tags

Post by StarOcean3FanGirl on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:18 am

So I was looking at a couple of the board posts here and noticed there was one called old HTML test or something like that. Well, it would be nice to help out with HTML, so maybe we could make even more forum stsuff? What do you all think? It would be really interesting! Take note that none of this stuff was generated by me, it is all found on unless otherwise said!

<strong>Stronger emphasis</strong>
   <small>Small text</small>
   <br /> Line shift
   <hr /> Horizontal line
   <ol>Ordered list</ol>
   <li>List item</li>

What do I need to make a link?

To make links, you use what you always use when coding HTML: an element. A simple element with one attribute and you will be able to link to anything and everything. Here is an example of what a link to could look like:

Example 1:

<a href="">Here is a link to</a>

What about links between my own pages?

If you want to make a link between pages on the same website, you do
not need to spell out the entire address (URL) for the document. For
example, if you have made two pages (let us call them page1.htm and
page2.htm) and saved them in the same folder you can make a link from
one page to the other by only typing the name of the file in the link.
Under such circumstances a link from page1.htm to page2.htm could look
like this:

Example 2:

If page 2 were placed in a subfolder (named "subfolder"), the link could look like this:

Example 3:

The other way around, a link from page 2 (in the subfolder) to page 1 would look like this:

Example 4:

<a href="../page1.htm">A link to page 1</a>

"../" points to the folder one level up from position of the file
from which the link is made. Following the same system, you can also
point two (or more) folders up by writing "../../".

Did you understand the system? Alternatively, you can always type the complete address for the file (URL).

What about internal links within a page?

You can also create internal links within a page - for example a
table of contents at the top with links to each chapter below. All you
need to use is a very useful attribute called id (identification) and the symbol "#".

Use the id attribute to mark the element to which you want to link. For example:

   <h1 id="heading1">heading 1</h1>

You can now create a link to that element by using "#" in the link attribute. The "#" must be followed by the id of the tag you want to link to. For example:


   <a href="#heading1">Link to heading 1</a>

All will become clear with an example:

Example 5:

Link to heading 1

Link to heading 2

heading 1

Text text text text

heading 2

Text text text text

will look like this in the browser (click on the two links):

Heading 1

Text text text text

Heading 2

Text text text text

(Note: An id attribut must start with a letter)

To create a link, you always have to use the href attribute. In addition, you can also put a title on your link:

Example 7:

<a href="" title="Visit and learn HTML"

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Re: List of HTML Tags

Post by VanitasXII on Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:28 pm

You know why you're so awesome?? Because you post tutorials! Great one, keep 'em coming!
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