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Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

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Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by VanitasXII on Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:21 pm

Region Free – How it Could Benefit Gaming

You may have never heard of it, but people around the world often
complain about Region Locking. The term defines the various codes and
procedures used by most game companies so as to limit the ability for a
system to play games only from its specified region. One can assume the
companies do that to focus on that region’s demographic or something
along those lines, but whatever the case may be, having systems be
region free rather than region locked has several more benefits in its
favor which I will attempt to outline in this thread.

1) Less coding involved: Because game companies have to go out of their
way to designate and enforce that NTSC-U games can only be played on
NTSC-U systems, or PAL games can only be played on PAL systems [or,
NTSC/J can only be played on NTSC/J], they often have to hire or set
some people already in office to take extra classes within computer
designing and the like so as to generate said code to limit player
potential. Take away the region lock and you won’t have to stick that
work force in an unneeded department.

2) Introduce more people to series/Generate more hype: There are a lot
of games that see one region releases. Examples can be International
Zodiac Job System Final Fantasy XII or Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Such
games are often referred to as International versions, because they
employ English voice acting along with Japanese subtitles and text, and
most often they add in many extra features that redefine the original
release. In many ways, INT versions of games are vastly superior to the
original release. They are usually spearheaded in bug fixing, extra
features, touch ups here and there and actually provide an entirely
different experience than the original release. Unfortunately, International
games are not played too often simply for the fact that the players are
barred from playing by the dreaded lock of regions. If the system that
particular INT version was released on was region free, the game would
see imports like none seen before.

3) Reduce Piracy: By entailing the region free system, games will see
more importing. As far as I can tell, imports do not truly benefit the
company that imported them as they’re sold at higher prices due to
shipping and handling and the travel time required, among other factors.
But, if region free became widespread and companies supported
importing, not only would piracy be ultimately reduced due to official
support being exemplified, but also governments would be able to track
statistics easier than before all the while being laid back/on guard as
they were before.

Those are my three thoughts on how region free would benefit companies.

The question may arise, though, of ‘why import in the first place?’ My answers to those:

Many games are Japanese exclusive; example being Kingdom Hearts Birth
by Sleep Final Mix. As stated before, those games usually have extra
features and when compared to the original product (in this case, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep),
they offer a game experienced completely out of the realm of the OP.
The edits usually are trivial things that more or less could’ve been
added by the game company for a worldwide release but they are usually
retained to one specific country, usually on the basis of ‘all the other
countries had better releases, we deserve something special’ which is
especially noticeable in the release patterns of the Kingdom Hearts
series – the original Japanese release is purposefully less equipped
with features in comparison to the other releases so as to make
grounding in which a Final Mix can be made.

There are, of course, advantages to the region lock:
Pricing. It is difficult to maintain a single pricing structure that can
be applied worldwide. Region-locking a console means that there is no
need for pricing parity across the world; different territories can have
different prices for games without people simply shopping "wherever is

Sensitive regions. Some games could be regarded as offensive for
religious or political reasons, and regional lockout may be required to
prevent these games from being distributed in sensitive countries.

Staged launches. If a console is region-locked, then staged launches of
the games would be easier, as console producers could easily control the
huge bow-wave of people wanting a game the moment it is released.

Disagree or agree, it is your choice in the end, but I honestly do
believe that the benefits to region free outweigh that of companies’
control over region locking.

The 'this generation' widespread systems that are currently known to be region free:
Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
The 'this generation' widespread systems that are currently known as region LOCKE
Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Xbox360,
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Differential Member

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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by Amy on Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:54 pm

Actually Van it is known that there is more flexibility with the reigon lock as far as company money goes. If they can regulate who buys what then they have no need for region lock. Unfortunately that's not how things go, so games could easily go on sale illegally and people will get in trouble more often for that.

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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:21 pm

Region Locking isn't needed at all, sure you can draw statistics but is that really needed? I don't think so.


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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by Link on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:16 pm

Statistics are needed for a good deal of things, Jessica. For one, companies obviously need to gauge how popular their series are. Two, money. Three, more money. Without statistics, the world can't run in the manner which you are currently accustomed to. Region locking isn't needed I agree with you that much; I want to play SO3DC.


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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by VentusXII on Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:35 am

Stats are unimportant as long as I get raer seldas and Revelations. Oh, and SM3DLand, that is a need for some people.
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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by Kirby9723 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:23 am

Region locking promotes learning about hex and what not, which leads to more emulation. Emulation translates to knowledge. Knowledge is power. So, region locking is power by law of syllogism.
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Re: Region Locking – We Want The Opposite

Post by Sponsored content

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