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Better posts:Higher Rank

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Better posts:Higher Rank

Post by StarOcean3FanGirl on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:16 pm

Something I learned during my time here at TLoKH is that you gain ranks based upon how close you are to an admin [yes, it is that biased] but also, you can gain higher ranks within the member ranking system based upon how you post. Fortunately to know, your rank doesn't denote how cool or awesome or great of a person you are, but the different colors sure are cool to have, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, the point of this post is to outline how to make better posts.


So you're probably thinking, what does SO3Fangirl know about good posts? Well, I don't know too much but I do know that the first part of beginning to make better posts is that you absolutely cannot be someone who is stuck up. Type freeflow. Laugh a lot! Joke around, make suspense! No one wants to read a paragraph that is tensed up! No one does!! So, for example, take this type of post for example:

MEMBER 2-02-2002

Hello. I am a robot. I do not retain feelings. I do not know feeling. I am a robot. I speak in one voice. Everything is wrong or I am right. There is no distinction. Everything must burn.

You see how boring that is to read? Once you start to post like that, people will eventually report you for trolling or maybe even start to purposefully talk bad about you! So, a way to make your posts interesting and maybe even make some friends is to do something like this:

MEMBER 2-02-2002

Hi! I'm a robot! I don't have any feelings, I don't know how to feel! Once again, I am a robot and it is cool because I speak in one voice! Sometimes people say I think everything is wrong and that I am right, or that I believe there is no distinction between live and death and everything must burn. Well, I'm off!


Much better, right? There are exclamation marks so it suggest the writer is at least interested a bit, and that personally makes me want to know more about their robotic traits! :3

So, long story short, have emotions within your posts!


This is probably the most important and actually the last step I'll leave her. To make better posts, you need to have length. 'But, I can't respond to a joke with a block of text!' is a reasonable response, I really get what you're saying! Sometimes you really can't make paragraphs of text, and that makes complete sense. The key in long posts, though, is when you are responding to a topic that asks a question where detail is important, or whenever you are debating [and whenever you are tutorialing]. So, let's say that Link sent me a message saying "Hi". I wouldn't reply with two paragraphs of text unless I was in an urgent situation, which I wasn't. On the other hand, though, let's say that Member #54 decided to create a topic asking what you believed on the topic of sexual preferences. Two paragraphs (5 sentences * 2) would be almost necessary to be a good post.

So now you have the basic makings to a great post, go out there and gain your ranks!

Me as the opposite sex...let's see.

My name would be Aliyah, Zahra, or Rebecca. I would personally pick any of the three if it were up to me.
If I could choose how I looked, I would like medium sized eyes that, when I gaze at something they don't gape, but they do open up. Whenever I am just looking around [not creeping or peering], my eyes would still be open as well.

My hair, I would like my hair to reach down to my shoulders. Black or brown hair would be nice.

Shoulders, I would hate to have broad shoulders as a girl. To me in my guy state, I see broad shoulders in a girl as their being 'man'tough, and I don't view girls as 'man'-tough but that is just me.

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Differential Member

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Re: Better posts:Higher Rank

Post by Link on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:17 am

Nice, long post SO3FG. I must say, however, that better posts doesn't mean higher rank. Actually, it is *more* posts equals higher rank. Some people get special admissions to higher posts, as you, KoD Oblivion and Politely Cherry did, but as I said those are speshul admishins.

In a way, you ARE right; I know Saria likes better posts around the forum, but I haven't seen her around in a while so I won't comment. Ven also likes great posts, and Roxas failed at getting us to have a QP session. It could happen one day, but not now.

Admins won't give you a better rank because you post good. Posting good *can* get you a better rank but it won't happen ALL OF THE TIME. For one, the different user ranks are for color differentiation and diversity throughout the forums; they don't denote how friggin awesome you are. Hell, I was just a scrubby MEMBER for the first couple seconds I was on this forum. Eventually, I raised through the ranks to THE MASTER position. Great posts are great, but that's about it. The only incentive behind good posts are that you can get a better grasp of syntax and the like. Higher ranks won't come immediately though they may come eventually. Just try harder, but not in a trollish way. :3


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