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Visual Boy Advance 1.72 Settings

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Visual Boy Advance 1.72 Settings

Post by Link on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:36 pm

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances are links
or discussions about “ROMs”, “Warez”, “Cracks”, “Torrents” or anything
pertaining to the use or distribution of illegal software to be posted within
this thread except for within this disclaimer. Neither TLoKH, its affiliates, nor
its members endorse, condone, allow, or accept the obtaining, distribution,
trading, etc of ROMs, Warez, Cracks, or any other illegal software or hardware.
Any violation of this disclaimer could be punishable. By coming into this
thread, you agree to adhere to this disclaimer. You have been warned.

Hello there,
welcome to my Visual Boy Advance (VBA) tutorial! It is my aim to provide the
basics as to the proper configurations of this emulator and I hope one day that
it will be used to its fullest extent!

Okay, step 1
secured. The next step is to unzip the file you just downloaded, most Windows
based Operating Systems come with this nifty little self extraction archive,
but be it [usually] only works on .Zip files and a select few others. If you do
not have a self extraction archive, I highly recommend you download the 30 Day
Trial of WinRAR as that can open nearly all file archives – from ZIP to .rar to
.7z, if it’s a file archive then 99.9 percent of the time WinRAR can open it. [VBATUT.JPG] Once you have extracted the contents of the file, open up the exe [referred to as VBA
from now on].

Upon opening VBA, you’ll notice two things: A) The Docking Toolbar(unofficially named that
by myself) and B) that wherever you have the exe, a file called vba1, a Configurations Settings file will be made. Don’t panic, that’s a good thing. It saves all of your configurations, which is what we will be
looking upon in this tutorial. Start by clicking the Options toolbar, as marked
in the above picture. You find a dropdown menu that reads in this order: Frame Skip, Video, Emulator, Sound, Gameboy, Priority, Filter, Joypad, Language, and Link. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will only need to hover over Frame Skip, Joypad, and Link – start with Frame Skip.
(Neither the other buttons nor the other drop down menus will be used in this

What you’ll initially see on Options > Frame Skip is “Throttle”, “Automatic” and the first ten numbers starting from 0 and ending on 9. I’ll explain what that means – Throttle is a
way of ‘applying breaks’: if the program is running too fast, you can set the
throttle to a certain amount to slow it down. Be warned: it doesn’t work vice
versa so if your program is running too slowly, you either need to sacrifice
another running program (common examples: Skype or Mozilla Firefox) or upgrade
your computer altogether; you cannot set
your throttle to a negative amount. The Automatic button does what it says:
automatically adjusts both the throttle and the frame rate. And the frame skip
option is the number of frames the emulator will skip per every 60 frames with
0 being no frame skip and 9 being 9 frames skipped every second – that doesn’t
mean the emulator will be running at 51 FPS, it simply means you will not see 9
frames out of every 60.

If this is your first time, I suggest that you do not touch the throttle button as you could potentially mess up your settings forcing a restart. The Automatic button should be unchecked, but here is the harder part:
if your computer is usually very slow (you can see by how long it takes for you
to open up your web browser, if it’s any longer than 10 seconds without any
other program being active, either your computer slow or you are using Windows
Internet Explorer:lol: ) then I recommend you have your frame skip on 2 or higher.
If your computer is usually fast, I recommend you leave your frame skip on 0,
although it is placed on 2 by default in most cases.

Having done
that, now go to Options > Joypad. You will see “Configure”, “Default
Joypad”, “Motion Configure…” and “Autofire”; hover over Configure and press 1.
You will then see “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “Button A”, “Button B”,
“Button L”, “Select”, “Start”, “Speed”, “Capture”, and “GS” with table cells
proceeding each word. It’s in these table cells that you can define your input
for each button function, for example you could set your left, right, up, and
down Arrow Keys to the Left, Right, Up and Down positions, respectively. Define your input as you see fit, and we’ll
then move on to the final part of this tutorial – the Link.

Going to Options
> Link, you will find that it says “Wireless Adapter” followed closely by
“Log” and “Options…”. The Wireless Adapter does not function, and thus the Log
button will not function either. So, click Options. There will be three tabs at the top that read
General, Server, and Client. You are on General by default. Below General it
says “Link timeout (in milliseconds)” followed by a table cell, a radio button
with “Single Computer”, and another radio button with “Network” following that.
Click Single Computer if it isn’t already marked as such, then click in the
table cell for “Link Timeout” and type in either 1000 [ten hundred/one
thousand] or 20000 [Twenty-thousand], either is fine. The Server and Client
tabs can only be used if playing over a Network, which will not be discussed as that is not the purpose of this tutorial.

Well, that’s it!
If you followed all of these steps, you should have the best emulator available
to you! Enjoy!*

*I highly recommend you read this FAQ list
from Nintendo as it highlights what you need to know about emulators as far as
their legality goes.


Can Websites and/or Internet Content Providers be Held Liable for
Violation of Intellectual Property Rights if they are Only Providing Links to
Illegal Software and/or Other Illegal Devices?

Yes. Personal Websites and/or Internet Content Providers sites that link to
Nintendo ROMs, Nintendo emulators and/or illegal copying devices can be held
liable for copyright and trademark violations, regardless of whether the
illegal software and/or devices are on their site or whether they are linking
to the sites where the illegal items are found.

Last edited by Link on Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:52 pm; edited 2 times in total


サリアは本当にきれいです。YES OR NO?

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Re: Visual Boy Advance 1.72 Settings

Post by Kirby9723 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:38 pm

Here are those two pictures you wanted, I think.
KHZ Member
KHZ Member

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Re: Visual Boy Advance 1.72 Settings

Post by Link on Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:14 pm

WTFBBQ thanks!


サリアは本当にきれいです。YES OR NO?

Male Posts : 1429
Join date : 2010-06-22
Location : At home, ATM.

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Re: Visual Boy Advance 1.72 Settings

Post by Sponsored content

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