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OoS Review

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OoS Review

Post by Roxas on Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:08 pm

First and

I am reviewing Oracle of Seasons by itself, I.E not
including Oracle of Ages into the mix.

Gameplay and Items [9/10]: The core gameplay of Oracle of
Seasons is not unchanged from its predecessor, Link’s Awakening. It is still
presented in the top down, 2D side scrolling format. Items are mapped to the A
and B button by pressing Start and selecting the item with the D-Pad, then
pressing A or B. Since there are only two buttons on the Game Boy Color, this causes the gameplay to become restrictive but
diverse at the same time. Simple? Why,
yes it is. Don’t worry; like almost all Zelda games the ‘real’ complexity of
the gameplay is in the items.

Oracle of Seasons [OoS from here on] supplies the player
with a multitude of items, from the classic Boomerang to newer items like the
Magnetic Gloves. What’s really
intriguing about OoS’ items is that despite many of them already having been
seen, there are tiers to some of the items which grant extra effects, often
being required by some of the dungeons. For example, the Boomerang starts off
as a simple “throw it and it returns to you after a set travel distance” type
boomerang. But, once you upgrade it to Level-2, it becomes the Magic Boomerang, which allows you to
control its flight and direction provided you hold down the button which you
assigned it to.

Another cool thing about OoS is that there are noncombat
items called Rings which, after appraisal and upon wearing will lead to diversifying
effects. Some rings allow you to have better yield when interacting with a Geisha Tree, while others are more prone
to be useful in battle, such as the Power Ring Lv-1 which increases your attack
power by approximately 1.5x while increasing the damage dealt to you by 1.5x. Wait...what’s
that, you noticed the Lv-1? Well, you guessed right – even Rings have a tier
system. Just like the items, not all Rings have a tier associated with them. However, you’ll find that collecting the
higher tiered Rings will be a challenge. Luckily, that challenge is almost
always given due reward!

Sound [7/10]: The sound of OoS is not that spectacular. The overworld theme will be all too familiar
to Zelda veterans, which at this point could serve to be a liability. The bulk
of the work was directed to the dungeon themes. Those would be the least
memorable themes, though they also have the highest quality. I do not expect
orchestrated music from the speakers on a Game Boy Color, but the musical score
just isn’t as good as it could have been.

Graphics [7/10]: The graphics of OoS can be compared to
any Game Boy Color game, and really they aren’t much different from the average
game. The opening video clearly had some good work done into it, other than
that it is just generic, pixilated work as usual. In the end, all GBC games are
pixilated, but with OoS I think most players will easily be able to see the
individual ‘textures’ used within dungeon designs, the overworld, and
especially the many grottos scattered about the overworld.

Story [6/10]: The story of OoS isn’t something we haven’t
heard of either. It’s yet another generic ‘Damsel in Distress’ story, which
begins with Link being transported by the Triforce to a foreign land, Holodrum.
He wakes up and turns a corner to find a girl, Din, and her dancing troupe. After introducing himself to the members and
getting a chance to dance with Din, a tornado suddenly swoops in and scatters the
troupe members across Holodrum and eventually takes Din inside, all the while
sending Link to another part of the land. We find out later that the one behind
the tornado is Onox, General of Darkness and Din is infact the titular Oracle
of Seasons, who has the power to control the Seasons - Onox has imprisoned Din so now the Seasons
are in disarray(ooh, like we didn’t see THAT coming). Link learns all of the
details from Impa, Princess Zelda’s nursemaid and is redirected to the Maku
Tree who inturn redirects Link to finding all of the Essences of Seasons. The reasoning behind my giving the story a low
rating is that it is extremely predictable. There were no real plot twists, at
least none that left me going “No way, that’s awesome!” or dropping my jaw in
disbelief. Luckily, the Characters of the game were able to mask the story.

Characters [8/10]: Being a Game Boy Color game, you
cannot expect every character to throw out a reasonable amount of clear,
well-thought out dialogue. But, you CAN expect characters to be silly, which is
worthwhile given the upbeat tone of the game. From the annoying witch Maple to
Impa to even the Maku Tree, you can find a good deal of laughs which I believe
connects the player to the game world, even if just a little. I found the
characters to be entertaining. While there aren’t that many which are
memorable, they are still endearing to the one who pays close enough attention.

Overall [8/10]: I found Oracle of Seasons to be a great
game. It had its shortcomings, yes, but it lived up to be a really good
collaborative work between Capcom and Nintendo. I recommend it to anyone who is
looking for a game that can be both unforgiving and surprisingly lenient on the
player, and that’s all.

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Re: OoS Review

Post by Rebecca on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:03 pm

Booooring. Roxas, instead of these silly monotone posts, go back to saying bad words. Well, after Ramadan. For now, post fanfic stuff like Ven is trying to do!

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Re: OoS Review

Post by Link on Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:00 pm

This is MY article.


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Re: OoS Review

Post by Sponsored content

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