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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - Options Menu Translation

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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - Options Menu Translation

Post by Amy on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:52 am

--PAGE 1/3--
**Camera up/down Normal->Reverse**
R+UP: Camera will move up
R+DOWN:Camera will move down

R+UP: Camera will move down
R+DOWN:Camera will move up
**Camera Left/Right Normal->Reverse**
R+RIGHT:Camera will turn right
R+LEFT:Camera will turn left

R+RIGHT:Camera will turn left
R+LEFT:Camera will turn right
**Camera Speed Normal->Fast->Slow**
Control Camera at a normal speed

will move Camera quickly with slightest control

Will slowly move the camera
**Camera Follow On-Off**
The camera will not change directions even if they player moves

The camera will automatically move to the back when the player moves
**Camera Fit controls Press->Release**
By pressing R the camera will face the the player is facing

By holding down R for a short period of time, the camera will line itself with the direction the player is facing
**Camera Fixed angle On-Off**
pressing R the camera will face towards the closest block that will be
easy to grab onto in the direction the player is facing

By pressing R, the Camera will face the direction the player is playing

--------PAGE 2/3----------

**Control type Type A->Type B**
-Type A-
L+XorB:Scroll Through Deck

-Type B-
L+UPorDOWN:Scroll through deck
**Command Select Normal->Reverse**
L+X or UP:Select next command
L+B or Down:Select Previous command

L+X or UP:Select previous command
L+B or Down:Select next command
**Scroll through deck Auto->Skip healing->Manual**
Will automatically move onto next command after one is used

-Skip Healing-
Will automatically skip when there is Healing items and healing commands

Will not move onto next command even after one is used

-------PAGE 3/3------
**Auto Jump On-Off**
Will automatically jump when the player comes close to an edge

Will not automaticly jump when the player comes close to an edge
**Attack Direction Correction Auto->Manual**
When attacking a locked on target Will automatically change direction and Lock onto the top priority target

Even in lock on player can attack in any direction
**Clock ability Tree Auto->Over Block->Manual**
When in battle the map screen will automaticly change to Clock ability tree screen

-Over Block-
Will only change to Clock Ability screen for a fixed period of time after the Clock level is raised

Will not automatically change to Clock ability screen
Will only change when pressed
**Shortcut Use->Select**
When the shortcut button is press the set command will be used

When the shortcut button is pressed it will set the command, but not use it
**3D shooting UP Jump/On->Up jump/off**
-UP Jump/On-
Can either use B or UP to jump while in 3D shooting

-UP jump/Off-
When in 3D shooting, only B will be used to jump

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